Flash News: English Version!

NES website now available in english! Using the links in the right sidebar, is now possible to switch from italian to english e vice versa. Enjoy!

Revolution! Welcome to the X-Wing New Era

Some days ago, during a classic May 1st barbeque, my mobile started to vibrate: Fantasy Flight Games had just thrown a bomb called X-Wing 2.0! On the NES’s Whatsapp group everybody was chatting about it as soon as the first spoilers were shown on streaming on Twitch. After the first moments of confusion due to …

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Ship Compendium

Dear all, here we are again at Hondo’s Spaceport, your neighborhood frendly ship-dealer. After Kall’s report on The Last Jedi, here is a brief analysis of the ships, old and new, that appear on the film. Since I am a good pirate I will give you a little warning. This post may contain some minor …

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Scarif Battle – Shield Attacked!

Rogue One has successfully infiltrated the planet of Scarif and is preparing to transmit the battle plans of the brand new imperial weapon, the Death Star. However, Scarif’s orbit shield prevents data transmission. The rebel fleet will have to destroy the orbital shield to allow the mission to succeed.

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